Lani Renee

I’m a Spiritualist Devoted to Bringing the Magic Back to this World

A Reader, A Healer of the Heart, A Mystic of the Mysteries

A guide of the hierarchy of light

Owner of Namaste Traditions

Seeking the Truth. Unveiling the Mystery. Living Magically.

Truly in Service to Uplifting Souls Out of Their Darkness and Into Their Light!

Welcome to Namaste Traditions!

Private Sessions:

Life-Changing Tarot Readings

Spiritual Therapy Aligning Body-Soul-Spirit

Wheel of Life Charts / Personal Tool of Self-mastery

Wheel of Life Monthly Readings / Intuitive Life Coaching

Esoteric Healing’s for the Heart

DNA Light Activation’s / DNA Channeled Readings

Psychic Surgery for Injury and Pain

Emotional Cord-Cuttings for Letting Go

House Clearings /Blessings


Special Magical Teachings:

(For Seeking Students of Higher Knowledge & Magical Practices)

Alchemy I (The Knowledge)

Alchemy II (The Rituals)

Alchemy III (The Initiation)

Mystical Qabalah & The Tree of Life

Sacred Shamanism & The Medicine Wheel

Ritual Mastery & The Path of the Spiritual Warrior

Priestess Elemental Magic (Fire-Air-Water-Earth)

Priestess High Magic (Healing-Beauty-Relationship-Moon-Sun-Death/Rebirth-Love-Cauldron-High Priestess Magic)

High Priestess Initiations

Sacred Geometries

Astral Travel

Gifts of the Spirit

The Healer’s Program

Seven Great Mystery Schools

Body Alchemy

The Tarot

Namaste Queen

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I’m here to guide you to the “magic.”


Start with a Reading

a Reading w/Lani Renee

will change your life in one way or another. Start with a one-hour reading that always unfolds as a journey of self-discovery, life-long answers to lingering questions, truths revealed, supported by any needed healing or clarity to what’s on the other side of things! Lani guides you from a place of light so that the truth can help navigate you through your questions. Or be open to what comes in, Lani is a clear channel and has 20 years experience reading the tarot professionally. Each reading is unique to everyone, but the goal is to inspire, heal, clear, and guide you to a place that supports you and helps you succeed in living your life! A Reading with Lani is a Magical Experience!


Experience the Magic

Every Moment is Special

and Lani’s space is always sacred and magical. Once you enter her sanctuary it’s like crossing a threshold of reality into a shrine of spiritual antiquity and mystical realms. Lani believes that the moment you “enter” your senses should shift so that your mind can slow down to allow your heart to be present… which is the secret to all great work with spirit. A great opportunity to experience this magic is always on Tuesday Night's when we gather 7-8:30pm, for only $20. Each month is dedicated to a spiritual subject universal to anyone who wishes to learn, grow, and progress as a spiritual being. A great way to stay on path and give your soul the gift of sacred teachings, the blessing of meditation and the power of healing, as we stay connected in community!


The Namaste Traditions

Learn to Know-Heal-Love

thyself through the ancient knowledge of ageless teachings, and the practice of sacred rituals handed down in the sanctity of traditions: The Sacred Mystery Traditions. Lani has devoted over half of her life to wisely sharing these teachings, the alchemy, and of course the magic! It is always a "door" that opens for aspiring adept students seeking ancient mystical teachings and sacred traditions that have the potential to magically transform one's spiritual and physical life forever. Alchemy!  Alchemy is a life-long process, like any rite of passage that sets one into motion the intention is to unlock the mystery of one's divine contracts for being human and magical. 

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Lani Renee

Magical Spiritualist, Owner of Namaste Traditions

Tarot Reader, Spiritual Therapist, Holistic Esoteric Healer, Metaphysical Magical Teacher, High Priestess, Qabalist, Ritual Master/Exorcist, Initiated Guide of King Solomon’s Tradition, and Devoted Seeker of Truth.

Founder of The Sacred Mystery Traditions


Lani Renee is a devoted seeker, a spiritual entrepreneur, and the owner of Namaste Traditions. Lani’s life is the testimony of her sacred journey and her transition from ordinary to mystical. Raised in California where her free spirit learned to question and seek naturally she discovered very early that her answers were only going to come if she tread off the collective path. Her bachelors degree is in Health Science, though she realized immediately she wanted to work with healthy souls willing to invest in their well-being. Much like herself. She succeeded as a fitness-health coach for 16 years before she leaped into her greater calling of “magically guiding”.

Lani has a fascinating background in alternative health, anatomy and the miracle of the body, and it’s need for light and spiritual energy. She has 25 years experience of Energy Medicine, Reiki, Reflexology, Massage Therapy, CranioSacral, Holistic Medicine, Yoga, Healing, Psychic Development, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Sacred Ceremony & Sweat Lodges, and learning, training, and leadership in an International Mystery School.

In 2003, Lani was led to that International Mystery School and her life forever changed.

Now a school of mysteries herself, she is an adept alchemist, a mystical qabalist, gifted esoteric healer, a woman with sacred medicine, ritual master-spiritual warrior, and beloved high priestess dedicated to the great work of guiding humanity out of the darkness and spiritually back to the light. She guides, teaches, heals, inspires, and sets the example of how to live magically.

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Ghandi

"I have searched for the truth my entire adult life, experienced my own inner hell while the miracle of life always seemed to guide me to the right places, to my needed healers, and to the best teachers, until I was safely on the side of the light. I have taken many steps to support the care of my soul, and fought many personal battles to know the depth of my heart, while always dedicated to the progression of my sacred paths. I am a life-long student and teacher of the mysteries, compassionate healer, and guide for those seeking the higher initiations to the Hierarchy of Light, and I revere the sacred teachings and beautiful ways of being magical. It is an honor to share the alchemy that I have experienced and mastered with the souls who wish to Be the Change!"

Namaste, Lani Renee

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