Lani Renee

Professional Spiritualist, & Owner of Temple Namaste

Founder and Magical Teacher of The Sacred Mystery Traditions

25 years Experience: Tarot Readings, Holistic Healing Sessions, Sacred Magic

Qabalah, Sacred Shamanism, Ritual Mastery, Priestess Magic, Holistic Healing Modalities, Mystery Teachings, Meditation and More…

Have You Ever Questioned Your Life?

Do You Desire the Truth?

Looking for Change?

Personal?  Professional?  Spiritual?

Health?  Relationship?  Career?  Purpose?

Visit Lani Renee & Temple Namaste!

Listen.  Trust.  Transform.

Life can be difficult, challenging, and unfulfilling at times.

Listen to your inner voice and you'll be guided in the right direction.

Trust your desire to search for more, never settle.

Transform because you can.



The Divine “I Am” in Me is Reflected in the Divine “I Am” in You!


The Magic... Begins Here!


Start with Lani

Get a Reading to Begin!

It all starts here! One hour with Lani and your world is never the same! She will guide you from a place of truth that can begin with a question, or you simply being open to hear what wishes to come through for you! Each reading is unique to the soul, but the goal is to inspire, heal, clear, and guide you to a place that supports you and helps you in life! A Reading with Lani is a Magical Experience!


Discover the Magic

Tuesday Night’s 7-9pm

Join us on Tuesday Night's for Lani's magical teachings that will support your spiritual life. Each month is dedicated to a spiritual subject universal to anyone who wishes to learn, grow, and progress as a spiritual being. A great way to stay on path and give your soul the gift of special teachings, the discipline of meditation, power of healing, and sacred connection with our community every Tuesday Night!


Sacred Traditions

Take Alchemy!

A "door" that opens for aspiring adept students seeking ancient mystical teachings and sacred traditions that have the potential to magically transform one's spiritual and physical life forever. Alchemy!  Alchemy is a life-long process, like any rite of passage that sets into motion the intention to unlock the mystery of one's divine contracts for being human and magical. 


Lani Renee

Professional Spiritualist, & Owner of Temple Namaste

Tarot Reader, Holistic Energetic Healer, Ordained Priestess

Founder & Magical Teacher of The Sacred Mystery Traditions


Lani Renee is a devoted seeker, a professional spiritualist, and the owner of Temple Namaste.

Lani’s life is the testimony of her sacred journey and her transition from ordinary to mystical. Raised in California where her free spirit learned to question and seek naturally she discovered very early that her answers were only going to come if she tread off the collective path. Her bachelors degree is in Health Science, though she realized immediately she wanted to work with healthy souls willing to invest in their well-being. Much like herself. She succeeded as a fitness-health coach for 16 years before she leaped into her greater calling of “spiritually coaching”.

Lani has a fascinating background in alternative health, anatomy and the miracle of the body, and it’s need for light and spiritual energy. She has 25 years experience of Energy Medicine, Reiki, Reflexology, Massage Therapy, CranioSacral, Holistic Medicine, Yoga, Healing, Psychic Development, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Sacred Ceremony & Sweat Lodges, and more!

In 2003, Lani was led to an International Mystery School and her life forever changed.

Now a mystery school herself, she is an adept magical alchemist, a mystical qabalist, gifted esoteric healer, woman with sacred medicine, ritual master-spiritual warrior, and beloved high priestess dedicated to the great work of guiding humanity out of the darkness and spiritually back to the light. She guides, teaches, heals, inspires, and sets the example of how to live magically.

Lani is the humble owner of Temple Namaste, her spiritual home and magical space that is forever transforming and bringing the mysteries to life! It is where she helps guide people who are truly seeking the magic themselves, and are willing to do the work in order to manifest personal and life change. Namaste is the goal, may we reunite as One and Live More Sacredly.

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Ghandi

"I have searched for the truth my entire adult life, experienced my own inner hell while the miracle of life always seemed to guide me to the right places, to my needed healers, and to the best teachers, until I was safely on the side of the light. I have taken many steps to support the care of my soul, and fought many personal battles to know the depth of my heart, while always dedicated to the progression of my sacred paths. I am a life-long student and teacher of the mysteries, compassionate healer, and guide for those seeking the higher initiations to the Hierarchy of Light, and I revere the sacred teachings and beautiful ways of being magical. It is an honor to share the alchemy that I have experienced and mastered with the souls who wish to Be the Change!"

Namaste, Lani Renee

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