Lani Renee

XIII Clan Mothers Summer 2018

2018’s Shamanism was devoted to the sisterhood and it was life-changing! Thank you for the four sacred gatherings, thank you for your commitment to the journey, and thank you for the magic!

October Tuesday Night Alchemy: MAGIC!

Tuesday Night’s in October are always magical! This year I dedicated the magic to the magician in each of us, and it was five weeks of incredible beauty and magical potential. Thank you for the magic!

High Priestess Step: XII Cauldron Magic & XIII Step HP Magic October 26th & 27, 2018

October 2017 - October 2018 was a magical year for the priestesses! XIII Steps of beautiful magic that established our sacred sisterhood and set into motion a new year for a powerful intention to build on our magic and support the greater work of our world’s needs.

Thank you… Aphrodite, Danu, Magdalene, Venus, Freya, Vesta, Gaia, Rhiannon, Freya Love, Nepal, Avalon, Adalaide, Shamballa, Paris, Alexandria, and Lakota! I honor and love you all, Nefe

White Dragon Temple

There is Never a Day a Warrior is Not Appreciated! Congratulations Ritual Masters!