Tuesday Night Alchemy Keeps the Magic Alive! 

Every Tuesday Night


$25/class, or $80/month

Lani has held Tuesday Night classes for 16 years, and it has developed it’s own heartbeat and special flow that takes place every year from January to December.

January begins with 7 weeks dedicated to the Seven Great Mystery Schools with a new experience of their teachings; reverence, magic, intuition, healing, creativity, energy, and life, that is new and empowering every year.

March is dedicated to the practice of Meditation, and April focuses on our need for Healing. May is always something new and fun, like Body Alchemy and Feng Shui.

Every June & July is devoted to Summer Tarot.

Archangels in August is a favorite every year!

September relates to Spirituality, and October is dedicated to Magic!

In November we always create the new year’s Life Wheel, which then guides you month by month the following year and is extremely powerful!

December is for honoring all the alchemy of the year and when we do letting-go and setting into motion the new year ceremonies.

We gather as a community every Tuesday to dive deep into one area of our magical teachings. The goal is to progress and grow spiritually so that your alchemy and experience can effect your daily life, your work, your home life and relationships, and ultimately support your path to self-mastery.

Self mastery: Self-mastery is self-government, self-control. A person who has self-mastery is a disciplined person, one who has his life in order. The first thing that a person has to accomplish when he begins to rid his life of evil is to get his own life in harness. Because, if we cannot control ourselves, we are sunk!

March Meditation Series 2018

March Meditation Series 2018