Mystical Qabalah: Alchemy for the Mind

The Path of the Intuitive Qabalist


Qabalah is Learning How to Think Masterfully...

I grew up with a good education, graduated from a college prep catholic high school, and received a bachelor degree in health science. When I took my first alchemy class, which is very qabalistic in nature, I realized I knew nothing that served me and my personal growth, nothing significant to my well-being, life-purpose, and I certainly knew nothing about God! And I thought I was educated!

My higher education began with alchemy, but I was extremely fortunate to have studied qabalah with a master teacher and golden dawn qabalist, who inspired me to learn how to unlearn everything I had ever learned to then learn how to Know Thyself. Qabalah taught me how to ask questions, and how to see the world differently, and most importantly the tree of life has aligned me to the truth.

We live in a world today that is full of mental pollution and distractions! Our mind was created to breathe in the light so that we would each have the power to heal, or receive the light and know what to think and process mentally so that we could individually navigate our way through life. Universal Qabalah is a masterful way to pull your mind out of the mental darkness that is created by man-made knowledge and leads to depression, stress, anger, doubt, etc.. and literally teaches your mind to delete what you've learned (programming) so that you can learn how to learn intuitively.  

Universal Qabalah is dedicated to Archangel Raphael.

Path Details

Steps of the Path

Mystical Qabalah is based on The Tree of Life.

There are Four Ascensions up The Tree to each path.

We ascend into Assiah, then Yetzirah, Briah, and Atziluth.

Ascensions take place on Sunday afternoons, usually meeting every other month. A complete ascension on The Tree takes 6-7 months.

Tools of the Path

Qabalah Manual

Bring a Notebook, and Tarot Cards

Qabalistic Tarot, by Robert Wang is highly recommended

72 Names of God Cards

Investment in Your Progression

$150/Ascension ($600 total)

Qabalah Manual: $35

DNA Activation’s are highly recommended: $100