Spiritual, Energetic, Therapeutic, and Holistic

Healing is a Sacred Personal Journey. A Gift to the Soul.

Know Thyself. Heal Thyself. Love Thyself.


Spiritual Energetic Healing Session

Lani has a personal background and gift for healing. She blends her alternative healing modalities into a very powerful and soulful experience that nourishes the heart, and focuses on your emotional health. Lani is an natural empath, and a gifted healer. Her intuitive magic and sensitivity to the body's energy field can shift and move a soul through a lifetime of pain to a better place of being in just one healing. Every healing is sacred, unique to the individual and their needs, and is meant to connect you to your heart and your own abilities to heal.

It is highly recommended to support one’s alchemy, growth and progression, to give yourself the gift of healing.  



DNA Light Activation

A DNA Activation is an ancient healing modality handed down from King Solomon's Temple to initiates in today's mystery schools. It is a powerful tool of empowerment that helps souls receive light in their spiritual DNA which ultimately "lights up" one's physical DNA. Extremely esoteric and energetic in nature, and miraculous in benefits. Every activation is unique in how and what it does for someone, but it is the light that our bodies need more than anything to survive these changing times. A DNA Reading can be done within 7 days of any activation and is a channeling of one's akashic records for the benefit of spiritual progression.     

DNA Light Activation: $100/1 hr

DNA Reading: $150/1hr


Emotional Cord-Cutting

Everyone needs to let go of something or someone! An emotional cord-cutting is an empowering energetic release of cords that are unseen but felt through time and space, that can hold one back, limit one's progression, or lead to depression or sadness. A modality of a Ritual Master, and since Lani is also an Exorcist, a single cord-cutting can change someone's perspective if not life! There are also advanced protocols for intense relationships that have been abusive, involved betrayal, or death, that can be discussed with Lani. If you have an emotion that lingers...get your cords today! 

$75/30 mins



An exorcism is done around special circumstances, and by Lani's discretion only. An exorcism is a sacred ritual that is done by an advanced Ritual Master/Exorcist and has the power to remove dark, negative, and demonic energies from a person's soul that effects them mentally, emotionally, and in body.  A fully possessed soul is not something Lani will sign up for anymore unfortunately, simply too dangerous. Children are need of exorcisms, for they are innocent victims of bad people and environments. Adults who play video games or who are addicts, abusers, cheaters, etc... and who are possessed are not Lani's work, and are recommended to find a church with an exorcist. God bless us all for there is too much darkness in our world and it affecting every human soul in a very indiscrete way that makes every person vulnerable... so please be good, and keep yourself honestly in the light.  


House Clearing.jpg

House/Business Clearing & Blessing

Lani is a master at clearing and blessing space. She can come to your work or business and depending on the square footage, will clear and bless your space in less than two hours, using a magical process of energetically griding and sealing each room, and while she's energetically working she will offer you "lani shui" advice to better keep the flow and good vibes in your space. Great for family crisis, new homes or spaces, divorce, and it can be very helpful when trying to sell a home.



Young Living Essential Oil Consultations

Lani has been using Young Living Essential Oils for over 25 years, and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to how to use the oils and why everyone should be using essential oils along with nutritional and medicinal supplements. She is an advocate of healthy living and has used essential oils for physical healing, for emotional and mental balance or support, and to enhance her spiritual practice as well.

Essential Oils are magical and can help you live a a better life! Start using them today!