Tarot Reading

A Tarot Reading is a spiritual and therapeutic experience that can begin with a question, dilemma, or need for clarity, understanding, or resolution. Your questions can be personal, professional, and spiritual. Some common areas to look at in a reading are:

Health  Love Relationship  Career  Purpose Success

Lani is gifted intuitively, and a devoted qabalist, with 20 years of experience reading for others. Every reading is unique to the individual, and her ability to help guide, enlighten, shift, clarify, promote healing and a deeper understanding, is purely magical! She uses a non-traditional tarot deck (Osho) in her readings, her empathetic nature, respect for the spiritual realms, and an absolute desire to help others journey from one point to another in a single reading that is both healing and serving so that lives can be better lived.

Lani is developed psychically and can work as a medium for people in need of closure and honest healing. She is not a fortune teller, and channels only the light.   

 $100/1 hr


Life Wheel Reading

A Life Wheel Reading is a gift to your soul! Your wheel becomes a personal tool which has the insight and power to enable you to change your life, repeatedly! A life wheel reading is a process that begins with the selection of 12 personal archetypes that are then placed in the 12 houses of your wheel, with each house representing an aspect/dimension of Self. Once your life wheel is created, the magic happens when Lani reads your life… childhood, relationships, hick-up’s to hidden strengths, life purpose, traps, deep connections, to areas to focus on and maybe avoid… it’s all relative and she finds obstacles with ways to overcome them, discovers where you're inner child and how to bring back your vitality for life.  A life wheel reading is only the beginning! You can learn to turn your wheel, yearly, to daily… you will love this reading!    

$150/1 hr and 30 mins