“My Life is My Story”

My Story is deeply personal...


My story is being updated…


There is "the work," and then there is "The Work."

The work is so important. The work of an individual soul is the first step. This personal work will eventually lead to the greater work which is that of the collective soul, or humanity. When we are all progressing and reaching higher states of consciousness and feeling our alignment with the divine, then we achieve enlightenment.

The Work is what calls us to Seek.

We are Seeking a Mystery that is Seeking Us.

When the Mystery is Revealed.. We call that The Great Work.   

I am dedicated to The Great Work.


Professional Spiritualist

Lani is a professional, intuitive, well-educated and gifted Spiritualist, with 25 years experience working with people to help better their lives. She is dynamic, and her ability to work with the needs of individual souls is masterful. Her gifts allow her to access spiritual knowledge beyond this world, and her intuitive skill can naturally channel what is consciously in need for emotional well-being and healing. Lani is always passionate about providing a powerful experience whether one-on-one or in a group setting, that is inspiring, enlightening, encouraging, and at times challenging, but always in the light of guiding to align one's truth to a healthy and positive outcome.  

Lani offers professional Tarot Readings, Spiritual Counseling / Coaching / Therapy, Channeled Messages, Life Wheel's and monthly guidance, DNA Light Activation's/DNA Readings, Body-Soul-Spiritual Healing's, Etheric/Psychic Surgery, Emotional Cord-Cuttings, and Energetic Clearings & Exorcisms, and more...   

Magical Metaphysical Teacher

Lani was born to teach. A natural leader and spiritual pioneer, her purpose was made clear the first day she stood in front of a class of inspiring souls and realized that her "voice" was that of wisdom and truth from afar. She has been teaching spiritually for over 16 years, but was a fitness & health coach for 10 years prior. He style of teaching is unique, she works with both aspects of each student, their light and their darkness. Her heart-centered and loving ways are invested in the reverence and devotion of the great work, and her strength and ability to push her students to see their shadows and to endure the even greater work to overcome them is truly a rare gift. 

A teacher is one who forever humbles themselves to learn and to progress so that he/she may share and emulate their experience with others in order to benefit their journey, and to hopefully quicken their learning and personal progress .... A teacher is cherished for both pushing and comforting a soul to discover their personal best. 



Initiating Guide/ High Priestess

Lani is an initiated Guide walking through life as a beacon of light, helping souls navigate their way out of our world's darkness and into the Hierarchy's Light. A sacred process that usually begins with a reading, leads to a class, and ultimately alchemy and initiation. All initiations are in service to the Great White Brotherhood & Sisterhood of Light, and provide souls who are ready and willing to do the work, divine protection, direct guidance, and greater light.

As a Guide, Lani is a "reminder" who hands down the ancient teachings in a magical way that awakens something new in each alchemist and ignites their journey to living out the teachings and doing their part in a total flow, being heart-centered, and connecting to the greatest magic of love.

Lani has initiated 1000's of alchemist's. Each initiation creates up to 10 x's the light. 


My Magic

My magic has developed over a lifetime of pure devotion to all that is sacred. It is undefinable, yet obtainable.