The Mysteries are Calling…

Learn… to Know, to Heal, to Love Thyself…

Tuesday Night Temple

open to Anyone Who is Seeking The Magic in daily Life


The Hidden Keys revealed for Personal Magical Development

Eastern Mindful Qabalah

the ancient secrets: To Know thy Tree of Life

Sacred Shamanism

The ceremony of Life: To Heal Body - Soul - Spirit

Western Esoteric Healing

The Eternal Path: To Love and Defend The Light

Sacred Priestess Magic

The sacred Circle: To Magically Serve God, and the Beauty of the Goddess

Holistic Healing Program

Annual Program: The Ancient Keys to Esoteric Healing

Holy Guardian

The Way of Self-Mastery: The Mastery of Alchemy’s Four Sacred Paths: Qabalah, Shamanism, Healing, & Magic

Serving Guide of the Light

A Sacred Contract to Serve the Temple, the namaste, and Humanity